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MiaResearch took part in a summer labor camp

This summer, our company took part in a rather unusual project: a summer labor camp organized by a youth business incubator. As part of the project, schoolchildren gain experience in various professions, prepare for adulthood and earn their first money.

MiaResearch has recruited a young employee who is now learning the art of marketing research, learning to communicate with people and helping us! To accept a schoolgirl into our ranks and help her become part of the world of marketing research has become a matter of principle for us: even despite the many legal difficulties, we decided that providing a child with an opportunity to gain valuable experience is an important and socially responsible step towards the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus !

The summer labor camp on the basis of the youth business incubator turned out to be such an interesting project that the Belarus 1 TV channel could not pass by and made a whole report about it. An important part of this report was our company, within the walls of which they filmed and interviewed a participant in a summer labor camp!

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